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Gratuitous Space Battles... Sounds Yummy

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Wormy said...
  • excited
I had seen a vid of this before, and It looked gorgeous. It seemed like a simple game, that was kind of casual, but had lots of appeal. Well here's a little more info on this game, and I like where its headed:


Here's the homepage:

And a YouTube Vid:
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Holy crap this looks hilariously awesome!!!!!
I just pre-ordered it. And apparently when you do, you get a download and beta Key. Sadly it crashed on my work machine.. but that isnt all that surprising on this machine. Hopefully it will rock at home. I'll report back. (later I may upgrade my work machine vid drivers and try again)
Oh! That looks like it's going to be a HELL of a lot of fun!
combat isn't tactical, so meh. give us real tactical combat like moo2 :P
@tanukisan I don't think it is meant to be hard core tactical... it is really just a new form of tower defense... so hopefully fun and easy to play... but rewarding to see the outcomes.
@ethereal-wolf @changeagent yeah.. its meant to be all about the setup. Like an admiral leading the ships into battle. Once its on, its up to the fleet to execute your orders. I for one really like the semi-casual nature of it.
It certainly looks cool! I'd probably suck at this though; I haven't been keeping up with my Tower Defense gameplay practice like the rest of the world.
I like tower defense games, and looking forward to Defense Grid on 360. But space is cold and lonely!
Funny story. So I go to play it, and the game crashes mid game. I try to run it again.. and it won't start. Try another computer.. same thing. What happened? Well the game makes some communication with an online server, in the UK.. and when it tipped Midnight, the game stopped working. Only if you set your LOCAL clock to an earlier time, before 8pm EST, would the game work. Very odd bug. They are on it though.
Absolutely fantastic strategy tower defense game!!! I love TD games, and this title is a blessing for the genre!!!
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