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Wormy's gameplay for Spore Creature Creator (PC-MAC)

Wormy played Spore Creature Creator

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Wormy said...
  • happy
With spore, I made my gamerDNA creature. I think he turned out pretty well.

WWIIOL was a much better night. I found the first squad I ran into, the 53rd Shadow Falcons. And a helpful solider named krimm. We spent most of the night in the air over Charlerois. There was a serious furball up there, there must have been over 20 aircraft.

Krimm kept getting hit by ground AA, but I managed to live through my whole first mission, probably 40 minutes. I had hit some targets, but got no kills sadly. Though an exciting landing back at base with a an engine cutting out due to overheating was great. Any landing you can walk away from eh :)

Sadly my second sortie wasn't so good. I got hit from out of nowhere, probably with ground AA, right to the head. One monment I was alive.. the next.. I was dead.

Turning to the ground, I spawned a somua french tank and I helped on the attack on the Le Fere army base. I took a TON of hits, but hte beauty of the somua is its thick fat armor. None of my crew were injured, and I managed to return to base with a hearty 11 kills. Not too shabby. Best mission I've had since I've been back. Camping the enemy army base will do that :)

Spore Creature Creator

Spore Creature Creator (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 17/JUN/08
37 minutes
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