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Wormy's gameplay for RPTools (PC)

Wormy played RPTools

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Wormy said...
The horned hold has been breached! The portcullis and guard room proved to be not much trouble for our heroes. I especially liked the move of our new swordmage, who was able to teleport himself inside the guard room beyond the portcullis, and strike with a mighty aoe that delt a decent amount of damage to all the baddies inside.

When we left, two guards had escaped to warn their superior, and the team was giving chase.

RPTools (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date:
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Yeah, things are about to get a bit ... bloody me thinks. We're have spent, bleeding, and flowing right into our second fight. I'm suddenly glad I didn't blow my other daily. :)

BTW, freaking awesome time, every time.
Yeah, you left before I told the other guys, but they were going to wait in that room for you (even if they were warned by the guards), but now.. who knows what will happen since you are right out there. Maybe you guys can take a quick 5 minute rest and not make it all one big encounter. We'll see how it turns out :)

And thanks, I too enjoy it every time.
I too saved my other daily, but it's only a "one creature" attack, so hopefully there'll be a boss-guy that I can use it on.
twas a mighty battle...hope I don't bleed out before we hit the next room
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