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Wormy's gameplay for RPTools (PC)

Wormy played RPTools

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Wormy said...
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It was a sad night of D&D tonight, as a beloved character, Einar, master ranger and damage dealer, was slain at the hands of Urwol the master duregar smith.

The night began as the continuation of the heroes' invasion of the Horned Hold. A pursuit of a fleeing orc led from one fight directly into another, and the heroes were quickly overwhelmed.

Things looked bad, but then they dug deep and began to turn the tide in the favor of the good guys.

Sadly it wasn't to be. The orcs and duregar began to retaliate in force, with several poorly timed critical hits. Urwol himself unleashed earthen magic on the battle with lightning, fire, and brimstone.

Then the heroes began to fall, one by one. Jake was first down, his unconsious body dying, but clinging to death. Einar made a critical error and in his panic ran away from safetly and deeper into the hold. Brenn on the other hand, our cleric who had spent all the heal he had in him, seeing that no more could be done, and nearing his own death, ran for the exit.

Urwol then strode after Einar, and brought him down with a firebolt. And even as Jake lay dying, clinging to life, Urwol never let Einar have that chance. He brought down his warhammer on Einar's head, crushing it like a rotten melon.

Brenn had manged to make a brief stand at the entrance to the hold, by charming a Duregar off a cliff, buying himself precious seconds.

Urwol headed toward the unconscious Jake, intent on repeating his villainy. But when he brought his hammer down to crush Jake's head, Jake managed to regain consciousness and avoid the murderous blow!

He lept to his feet, quaffed the healing potion he had wanted to earlier, and put all the power he had into his mage blade. Glyphs of power were carved into Urwol, weakening him to subsequent attacks. And thanks in no small part to the damage done by Einar in his final moments, Urwol was taken down by the newly revived Jake.

By the time Brenn returned to the scene, there was one orc left, and it fled in terror.

And so the night ended. Our first character slain, but the promise of a new hero to join the ranks. A truly epic battle, and one that will not soon be forgotten. The rest of the Horned Hold lay ahead, and now our heroes have something to fight for.... revenge.



RPTools (PC)

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Yeah, that's right -- Brenn ran. But is he Brenn the Coward, or Brenn the Wise? I'm going with the latter.
Alas, poor Einar. I knew ye well. Do you think we might have fared better if we'd had another warrior, a mage, or a warlock there? I guess only the fates know...
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