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Wormy's gameplay for RPTools (PC)

Wormy played RPTools

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Wormy said...
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Just thought I'd note that we're still using RPTools happily to do our D&D sessions.
What I really love about it is the ability to save state between sessions. You go to play, and you simply open the file and get going. It makes for such better sessions, and very little wasted time.

Also.. beware the DM that is drinking scotch.

RPTools (PC)

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Cool! I'm going to have to point this towards one of my DMs. We have a guy in one of our groups that drives down from DC to play. I'm sure he'd much rather not have to drive a couple of hours to get his D&D fix....
This has revolutionized our D&D. We now meet only online, and we use skype for voice (though vent would work if you and too many people). We meet 2 in MA, 1 in VT, and 1 in SC, and its great.

Learning the tool takes some time, but its easy once you get the hang of it. And its so open eneded, that you could adapt any RPG to it, and with some effort, probably any board game too.

Its a really amazing system. (AND FREE/OPEN!)
Watch these vid tutorials to get a good idea of it:

And feel free to ping me if you have any issues. I've been our DM, so I'm very familiar with the tool. I even have some advanced tips on how to make tokens (their in-game character markers) with built in macros and stuff for using D&D 4th edition powers, healing, keeping track of life...etc. All very cool, and though it took me a while to learn, I could pass on that info in short order.
Oh.. and we also just stumbed across this:
http://www.fantasygrounds.com/ No idea if its any good, but worth checking out I guess. Non mac friendly, and not as flexible, .. but certainly pretty.
Sweetness! The fact that RPTools is free makes it even that much more attractive. I'll send a link to my DM and see what he thinks. If he has questions, I'll have him send you a message. :D
sure thing!
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